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Activities Winter

Snowmobile Safari
King Crab Safari
Northern Light Safari

Snowmobile Safaris to the Siberian taiga forest in the Pasvik valley. Cultural and historical guided tours.

Different durations, fresh king crabs, hunting the northern lights.

Snowmobile Safari to the Barents Sea. Guided trip over the high mountains to Grense Jakobselv and the Barents Sea. We pass by Norwegian and Russian border guard towers / border station and pay a visit to King Oscars II’s Chapel. Light lunch, tea / coffee and dried reindeer meat.

Snowmobile Safari to Neiden and Finland. We pay a visit to St. Georg’s Chapel (Norway’s smallest Russian orthodox chapel) and Skoltefossen waterfall. We eat lunch at Neiden Mountain Inn and then pay a visit across the Finnish border to Nätämä to do some shopping before we return.

Barents-Safari Kirkenes